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About Sherri

I am an agent that truly cares about my clients and my reputation.  I believe that I cannot be a successful Real Estate Agent without referrals from friends and past clients, this is the foundation for everything that I do.

I go the extra mile to help all of my clients, from meeting cleaners at the home to helping get a home ready for sell to using all of my resources I have come across through my years of networking.  I cherish my reputation, I don’t ever want to have an unhappy client.  I know I am going to see you in the future and want a good reaction when I do.  I am definitely not a salesperson, I will never try to sell anyone on my services or a house.  I believe that you know whether the house is right for you or not, I will not persuade you in anyway.  I also believe if you get to know me, you will see that I stand up to everything that I promise to do.  I should not have to sell you on myself; my experience, knowledge, personality and honesty will  do that for me.

I Promise (PDF containing the basis for all that I do & my promise to all of my clients)

Our Agents

Kelli Lamere


Derek Berggren


Jualea Smith


“Sherri, Kim and I really enjoyed our working with you to sell our existing home and the buying of our new home. Even though we looked at a lot of homes, and had to begin again after the first selection fell through, it was a very enjoyable experience.  You were very professional, patient and understanding in helping us to find the right home to meet our needs.  If we had to do it all over again we would select you once again for our real estate needs.  You are a true friend to both of us.”

Mr. & Mrs. Amy