Seller's Guide

Seller's Guide

I can help you sell your home in Ascension, East Baton Rouge, Livingston, or West Baton Rouge Parish.  I am a creative spirit.  I will be open and honest from our very first meeting.  I have access to many different resources through my years of networking and  experience.  Assisting homeowners in getting their homes from market ready to sold.  Here is just a brief description of how I can help.

Preparing to Sell

Here are a few tips I have learned through the years, some articles on the importance of staging and helpful hints.  There will also be videos from time to time.

Great staging articles and ideas from Jeanette Fisher

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“Sherri helped me from start to finish of my purchasing a home.  She encouraged me to ask questions and gave helpful advice along the way.  A perfect home buying experience!”

Alex F.